30 Days of Gratitude 5

What sound are you grateful for today?

Today I am grateful for the sound that autumn leaves make when they are rustling in the trees.

I was having a hard time with something this evening and I went for a drive. Several times I saw autumn leaves on the road or blowing across the street, and I was instantly calmed. The leaves in autumn are so incredibly serene and beautiful. I would like to go visit the northeast part of the country someday in autumn. We have a nice season here but the colors in some of the photographs from the northeast absolutely blow me away.

I very much love the idea of walking along trails in the woods during autumn, going down a path lined with beautiful trees of various colors while the wind blows through the leaves and they gently drift into the pathway all around me. Maybe tie in a little woodsmoke from Day 1, lol.

And yes, I’m also very grateful for the voices of my family and loved ones, and them singing, and that kind of thing, but I’m also grateful for the sound of leaves in the trees. In autumn. <3

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