Black Friday

I didn’t shop for Black Friday. I never do. It’s the day after Thanksgiving though, and I’m with my family at the cabin we like to stay at at Sequoyah State Park. It’s thundering outside but it is nice. We are cozy and Harry Potter is on the TV and board games and puzzles are underway. I’m eating a piece of pecan pie and it is a delight.

I read my friend Kim Ventrella’s upcoming book, Hello Future Me, this afternoon and it was so very good. Exactly what I always expect from Kim but her writing always impresses me, even though I know she’s a great writer. She mentioned me in the acknowledgements. I think this is my first time to appear in those for anyone. It feels nice and a little surreal.

Black Friday would be a fun name for a book. Some kind of cool horror story that takes place the day after Thanksgiving, right? I wonder if someone has already done that?

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