Current Works

PairsYoung men and women with shared telepathic abilities are trained in a futuristic city for secret missions. Corrie and Mattley seem unevenly matched, but may turn out to be the most powerful of all. (YA)

The Last Letterboxes – It’s graduation day, and Madison receives a gift she never expected – a series of clues hidden by her boyfriend before his death six months earlier. What will she find at the end of the trail? (YA)

Candid Dates – When Reagan and Linc are photographed making out at a wild New Year’s party, they never expect the picture to hit the tabloids. But who would have thought their parents would be political rivals in the Republican presidential primary? (YA)

The Rat Queen – Abby’s attracted to all the men around her, from the sweet praise band guy at church to the boy who whispers threats in her ear and bullies her in English class. But when she finally gets close to someone, his secret brings her own insecurities rushing to the surface. (YA)

Maybe, Baby – Zeke’s a good guy. Church volunteer. Honor roll. Varsity football. His girlfriend, Rain, says she’s not pregnant, but he thinks she might be lying. She hides it well – Zeke figures if she is pregnant, she’s maybe a couple months along. That theory’s proved wrong when Rain’s rushed to the hospital to give birth to their daughter, one week before the first day of senior year. (YA)

The Clarinet Clique (in revisions) – Someone is sabotaging the Glenwood band program, and Riley and her friends are determined to find out who – but if they don’t move fast, one of them may end up dead. (MG)

The Rooster Who Would Not FightA rooster bred for the fighting ring defies his master and escapes to a better life. (PB)

The Cat PiratesA swashbuckling crew of felines sail the seven seas in search for treasure, hounded by the dastardly Sir Corky and the Sea Dogs. (PB)

Parmesan CheeseAnna wears a necklace with a parmesan shaker for a jewel – and she won’t eat a thing without a sprinkle of cheese. What happens when she runs out, right before dinner? (PB)