Did you ever get lost in a strange town?

Of course. I’m 35 years old. Who my age hasn’t been lost in a strange town at least once? I get lost in Oklahoma City sometimes still.

The trick is to always act like you know what’s going on. I never let on that I’m lost. Never. Ben thinks that I have some kind of miracle powers and I never get lost. It’s not true.

I do know I’m going quite a bit. I have an amazing talent of watching the signs around me and deciphering them. I say it’s amazing because Ben doesn’t see signs when he’s driving, so I guess it’s not something that naturally comes to all people. So it’s amazing in our house.

But sometimes I do get lost. I can’t think of a specific example, but I know it happens. When it does, I watch the signs, I check the sun…I look where other people are going…Ben looks up and asks me if I know were I am and I reply of course I do with a tone that implies that he is a fool for asking.

This approach rarely fails me. After a few moments of internal panic, I generally come across a sign or a turn that leads me back to a familiar place. But I never lose the poker face.

And that’s it! No more for today!!!

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