Whistlepig day

I’m sitting at a tea shop about thirty minutes from my house right now. It’s Feb. 2. Groundhog’s day. My cousin’s birthday. Yesterday was an important day for me too, for different reasons. It’s not something that I need to share, but I did want to commemorate it for myself, if nothing else. I can at least say that it’s the day that started me on the spiritual journey I find myself on every day now.

Turns out one negative of having a spiritual journey is sometimes you can’t write as diligently as you used to. I haven’t written in my old way for two years now. Before Feb. 1, 2016, I wrote a lot. I was writing every day, pretty much. Weekends I gave myself a break and only wrote fanfic, ha ha. But after that date, when things changed, it was harder. I wrote one chapter of a fanfic for Valentine’s Day that year and never took it any farther, even though it was an amazing, stellar idea. Since then I’ve written so much less. I worked on a novel but I really didn’t do anything like I wanted to. And I didn’t finish it. I still want to. I also wrote the first three chapters of a proposed write for hire project. And I did rewrites on my finished novels and wrote new scenes. I suppose I have blogged as well, but it’s sporadic. I’m even posting on social media less.

So here I am at the tea shop, hoping that a chance of pace will get me back at it. I started an amazing idea in January and got 5,000 words on it. Not enough, but a reasonable start. My friend Kim (who my oldest daughter referred to as her mom’s book friend) will be here in a bit. She’s very kind to try to help me get my groove back.

So that’s about it. Ready for this to be the year. The year of everything.

And now I need to work on the manuscript instead of procrastinating any more. At least I don’t know what the wifi password is here (and I’m too inverted to ask, lol).

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