Luck of the Irish to ye

I’m trying something new. It’s the Habitica app. Allegedly it will help me be more productive, actually get things done, and be the person I’ve always wanted to be. So far today I have cleaned for 10 minutes, taken care of my emails, and ate a healthy meal. I’ve also showered, shaved my legs and painted my nails, which is kind of amazing, but I don’t get points for that. I would if I had set those things up as tasks but currently I’m still wanting to figure out the app, and I don’t want to get in too deep and then give up on the whole thing.

I’m also supposed to do 10 minutes of cardio, which is obviously going to be walking but I’ll try to be brisk about it, and practice a new creative technique. I don’t even understand what that means. It sounds like if I was an artist I would try a different brush or way of drawing or something. But I am a writer. I thought about it a while and decided that for me, I’m going to attempt to write a limerick, especially since it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Now, I’ve written limericks before, but not that often, so it is sort of a new technique for me. Also, my monthly goal list includes writing a poem, and this will take care of two birds with one stone.

And then I’m going to go in the kitchen and eat a tuna sandwich, which I think isn’t really eating healthy but also isn’t junk food, so I don’t have to take a positive or negative hit for the app. I’m such a perfectionist that I hope I’m doing this right but I think the idea is it’s supposed to work in a way that works for me, so I guess whatever I say is right is right. As long as I’m honest with it.

So, the limerick. I decided I’d just try to write it here, as part of the blog post. The tricky part is to make it funny without it being too awfully vulgar. Maybe I can write a funny one without any vulgarity. We’ll see.

There once was a lady so hairy,
That some called her legs wrong and scary.
She gave up on shaving
Instead started braiding
And hog tied her worst adversary.

Okay, I’m very happy with this!

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