Thirty days of gratitude 3

Okay! Day 3!

What color are you thankful for?

That would have to be GREEN. Green is my favorite color. I love all types of it. Dark pine green, light lime green, plain old green, just green. It’s so beautiful. And yay, the whole world is full of it a large portion of the year!

I used to like blue the best, when I was very young, but green is so fresh, and alive, and perfect. I’m not describing it well, and that’s okay.

And that favorite childhood color was actually the crayon green-blue, which I think is called cerulean now, so it was still sort of green.

My birthstone is green. It’s a peridot, which is a light green. I used to think it was kind of ugly. My sister Marissa’s birthstone was emerald, which is traditionally considered more lovely. And emerald is truly a lovely color. But over time I have grown to love my sweet birthstone. The first peridot I got that I really loved was my high school class ring. It had a large smooth peridot with a ton of facets inside and I was astonished at how beautiful it truly was.

Anyway, green. That’s what I’m thankful for.


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