30 days of gratitude 16

What about your body are you grateful for?

This one is sure difficult, isn’t it? As a person who has been overweight for most of my life, it brings up a lot of thoughts and memories about finding my body unsatisfactory. And now, when I have some related health issues, that doesn’t make my relationship with my body even better.

But what I am grateful for is that I have a body. And it is relatively healthy. I’m alive, I get up in the mornings, I can work and get around, and I can use my body to show love to others. I’m grateful that God gave me exactly the body that He did. It works well for me, personally. It fits me, ha ha.

Maybe I wish my hair wasn’t genetically programmed to go gray early. But I love my curls, and I love the color, and I love the fact that my hairdresser does a great job matching my color to my real color. I love how thick my hair is. And how it bounces.

Maybe I wish I wasn’t overweight. I try diets and exercise but always seem to fail. But I can use my body to hug my kids. I can use it to tickle and rub sore feet and put a band-aid on a cut finger. I can use my brain to write stories, and poetry, and emails, and kind social media comments. I can use my feet and legs to walk to town, and run after our naughty puppy, and kick up the recliner, ha ha.

My hips and back hurt a lot of the time. But they still get me to where I need to be, and when I actually take time to go to the chiropractor, the problem goes away for a long time. (Maybe I should work more on my brain.) Anyway, the aches and pains serve as reminders to take better care of my body. Maybe these reminders will help me to keep going as I get older (maybe wiser?).

Anyway, I’m pretty dang grateful for my body. Issues aside, I can tell you for sure that I would prefer being in my body than any other in the whole wide world.

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