Thirty days of gratitude 28

What small thing that happened today are you grateful for?

So I’m kind of getting caught up on these. But it’s actually the 29th today. So should I do one from yesterday or today?

How about both? Yesterday I was grateful that my 14 year old son made dinner because I couldn’t be home until 7:30. And after dinner, my husband got me some ice cream and we ate it while we watched Great British Bake Off on Netflix. And that was pretty sweet.

Right now I am grateful because all three of my darling children are not here. They are at martial arts and dance. And the darling husband is still at work. And even though I love my family it is SO NICE to be by myself. Even the cats and dogs aren’t around me right now. It’s just me, and the computer, and a little Christmas music wafting in from the dining room. It’s quite grand.

And tonight we get to watch the season finale of GBBO. Which is lovely and also quite sad, alas.

Thirty days of gratitude 25

What moment this week are you most grateful for?

I am really grateful for the whole last week, Wednesday to Sunday, that we spent with family – first mine and then Ben’s. The whole time was amazing. We went to Silver Dollar City, ate Thanksgiving dinner with about 40 members of my late father’s family, walked in the woods, spent time beside water, geocached, cooked out, and did all kinds of marvelous things.

I think the moment I am most grateful for was the first day in Missouri, when I went out by the lake and walked on this little trail all by myself, then went on the dock and looked at the water. It was so beautiful, and peaceful. I sat on a bench for a long time. I just kind of meditated, and prayed, and took some pictures, and just relaxed and spent some time in nature.

Oh, and the number two moment I am grateful for is when the roller coaster I was on at Silver Dollar City turned out to not go upside down, even though it appeared to after it had begun.

Thirty days of gratitude 24

What challenge are you grateful for?

This one?

I don’t know. Maybe every challenge I’ve had in my life. Cause all those challenges have served to make me the person I am today, and I wouldn’t change who I am for anything. Even when sucky things have happened in my past, I wouldn’t change it. All those experiences were for a reason, even if it’s not something I fully understand. That’s okay. I don’t have to.

Thirty days of gratitude 23

What tradition are you grateful for?


Does that count?

I do like Christmas quite a bit. I like decorating and the tree and cards and the meal and all that business. It’s hectic but I like it anyway. And I keep learning how to make it a little less about commercialism and flashiness and more about the reason for the season. I also like the other winter holidays, like Hanukkah and the Twelve Days of Christmas and New Years and keeping spiritual thing at the forefront. I like that a lot.

30 days of gratitude 22

What story are you most grateful for?

The Christmas story. The one that begins with an angel visiting a young woman with unbelievable news and ends with a newborn King. Or maybe it ends thirty-some odd years later, on Easter morning. Or maybe it hasn’t ended yet and will continue forevermore. Yeah. That one.

Honestly, it really is the most important one to me, even if that sounds ignorant or whatever.

After that I’d guess I’m most grateful for the first novel I completed, Pairs.

30 days of gratitude 17

What knowledge are you grateful for?

More than anything, I am grateful that Jesus Christ died for my sins and through His gift of forgiveness, I have received eternal life.

I really do believe this, even though I know it’s not very PC to feel this way and that many people probably feel that I am foolish or that Christians are judgmental, bad people. But I just do my best every day to follow Christ’s example and to follow His commandments. Love God and love others. That’s what it is all about and that’s what is the most important to me. And eternal life doesn’t just mean that I believe a tale that I will go to heaven and play a harp on a cloud. It means that I am already in an eternity of choosing to worship God. Trusting in Him and loving Him is the most important thing in the world to me, and it gives me direction and purpose.

That’s about it for this one.