30 days of gratitude 17

What knowledge are you grateful for?

More than anything, I am grateful that Jesus Christ died for my sins and through His gift of forgiveness, I have received eternal life.

I really do believe this, even though I know it’s not very PC to feel this way and that many people probably feel that I am foolish or that Christians are judgmental, bad people. But I just do my best every day to follow Christ’s example and to follow His commandments. Love God and love others. That’s what it is all about and that’s what is the most important to me. And eternal life doesn’t just mean that I believe a tale that I will go to heaven and play a harp on a cloud. It means that I am already in an eternity of choosing to worship God. Trusting in Him and loving Him is the most important thing in the world to me, and it gives me direction and purpose.

That’s about it for this one.

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