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Write about getting fired or quitting.

This is another thing that I’m not the best source for. I have held lots of jobs, but in my experience, not many jobs end in getting fired or quitting. My jobs seem to end with a lot more wishy-washyness. Let me elaborate as I take each in turn.

He looks pretty cheerful about quitting or being fired, but maybe he hated his job. Or maybe he’s giving them the finger behind his hat.

My first jobs were at Northwestern. I pretty much held those until I graduated. I got my radio job and hung onto it. I got my school of nursing job and hung onto it. There was one job, at the Academic Assistance Center, that I could only do one summer because I got work study in the summer and the less desirable E&G work during the school year. So no firing or quitting really took place – I just wasn’t eligible anymore.

I worked at KALV radio in Alva, and that was an okay job. Things got weird when the boss came in one night while I was on the air and proceeded to clean out his desk and leave. Shortly after that, the lady in charge of scheduling took me off my regular shift, asking me to work as a fill-in person for a while while she got a new guy some hours. I was called in a couple of times, and it dwindled, and that was it. On a positive note, I had warned her against hiring said guy because he ripped off the campus radio station for a ton of long distance phone calls and she hired him anyway. He did the same thing at KALV; he got the mail and stole the phone bills for a couple of months before they caught him. I think that was what really made her dislike me. Probably should have kept my fool mouth shut.

I also worked at McDonald’s in Alva. I liked working there. I didn’t get enough hours, which hacked me off because I was married and trying to earn a living while this dopey kid that was hired the same day as me and was a really lousy employee got lots of hours. I suppose it was because of who the families were in town. I was just a college kid from out of town. Regardless, I left McDonald’s just before my dad died. It was about two weeks before he died, and my family called because he was in the hospital and he was really sick and this was probably it, Regina, so you’d better get home now. I went in to McDonald’s and asked to be taken off the schedule, since I had to go to Tuttle right away. They asked when I could go back on the schedule, and I told them I’d have to let them know. Daddy died later that month and after that, I didn’t really feel like going back in and letting them know I was ready to work again. So I didn’t.

After college, my first job was at the Bricktown Haunted Warehouse. I was a spook. I did that until KATT radio called to hire me. I told the haunted house that I could probably work on weekends, but couldn’t do weekdays because of the radio. They told me to let them know…but after a week of working in a nice office with cool people, dressing like the devil and sweating for hours and drinking Chloraseptic straight from the bottle so I could keep screaming and having to watch little children cry when their parents forced them to go through despite the warnings lost its thrill somehow. So I never got around to letting them know.

You’d think that a professional place like KATT/KYIS/KTNT radio, aka Caribou Communications, would be professional about hiring and firing. I found that this was not the case. I did all kinds of things there. I recorded commercials and helped out in the traffic department, and did stuff with the prize window. I played receptionist when the regular person was at lunch or off work for some reason. I still remember a lot of peoples’ phone extensions. I trained other people too. Then the boss told me they were doing a restructuring kind of thing, and asked me to take a month’s leave of absence, paid. So I did. When the month was up, I called the boss and he seemed surprised. Apparently I was supposed to take the hint that I was supposed to find another job. Go figure. He didn’t say I was fired or let go or anything, but he did say that they weren’t sure they had a place for me right then. So that was that.

Then there is the Tuttle Times. I actually worked for them twice. The first time was with the Chickasha Star. That didn’t last long though. I worked there from April 1998 until November 1998. That was when the Express bought out the Star. I was not retained. For one day. Then I was rehired. That always annoyed me because my start date was in November instead of April. The other Star employees that were at the Express got to keep their April dates as their start dates. I worked there until I went on bedrest with Belinda. I used up all of my FMLA leave because I kept having contractions when I stood up. I wanted to work partial disability, doing layout from home, but that wasn’t understood very well, so we just let it go. Then, a week after she was born, I was told that I had to come back to keep my job. I said I hated that, because I couldn’t come back when the baby was only a week old and so…

I guess that was the only one where I actually said I wasn’t coming back. Sort of a quit then.

And that’s it. All my jobs. None of them have an impressive fire or quit sequence. Like that poem that says the world will end, not with a bang, but a whimper. My jobs all ended, not with a bang, but a whimper.

I like being at home the best.

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