Today is the day for puppet scripts. I write them for my church, and I need to do some for this week’s lesson. I have a lot of other work to do at church today, but this is the one I put off the most so obviously I need to do it first. It’s on Faithfulness this time.

I’m trying to be faithful to God, and do what I feel He is calling me to do. I believe that He is behind my writing, and especially that He gave me my first novel. But now writing seems so hard to find time for, and so confusing. Where did I find the time before? I was doing most of the same things I’m doing now. And my children are older and more self sufficient. So how is it harder now? I don’t know.

Am I still meant to be a published author? Or am I just meant to write puppet scripts and skits and newspaper columns? I’m very good at those things.

Is that all I was meant to do all along?

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