A new beginning

Well, I officially started the first rough draft of LIDDY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER this week. I began writing on Monday, and I’ve done all right getting some work done on it each day. My vision for this is still a little murky at this point, but I think things were the same on my other novels at this point, so it should be fine. I’ll probably jot down some more plot points I know I want to hit, so I stay on track during the early days of this draft. I’m excited about getting this story down on paper. It’s going to be a wild ride.

I’m also working on some minor edits on one story, and more major ones on another. I usually focus on one thing when I’m writing a first draft, so having to split myself will be a new experience. Luckily, I have different playlists for each novel, so if I start up Spotify, I should be able to transition between worlds easier.

I’m making the kids clean while I write this. That’s another thing I don’t do well when writing a first draft – taking care of things in the real world. Here’s hoping I can at least direct them to pick up after themselves, so the house doesn’t collapse under the weight of the filth over the next few months.

And I’m going to write my goal here, in an effort to stick with it. I’d like to have Liddy’s story complete by my birthday, August 6. That only gives me two months to get the whole thing done. I don’t have a goal word count at this point – I always strive to get at least 50K and then see how far it goes after that. So I need to focus on a minimum of 1K a day. Hopefully more.

So now I have to hold myself accountable.

Here we go.

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