New year

Today I wrote for the first time in 2020.

It’s only the sixth day, so I suppose it’s not that bad, but it’s not the way I wanted things to go. But life called, in its insistent way, and I had to put other things first.

I didn’t write much on my novel today. I did a big thing on my journal, but then I only wrote about 250 words. Which isn’t that great. I was doing okay but then my family came around and kept interrupting me so I moved on to my next project, which was working at church. I did some stuff there and then I had to go to my part time job (which isn’t for money but for credit to pay for my daughter’s dance tuition) and that was about the rest of the day. I might try to add to my words this evening, but I might not. I don’t need to beat myself up because I can keep doing better from here.

That’s about it…just wanted to post something and say hello, ha ha.

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