I’m at the Mustang Library today. I am planning to write. I got up this morning and thought I’d make breakfast for the family and then saw that they left a mess in the kitchen last night, after I specifically asked them not to, lol. Anyway, I needed to get out of there so I just drove. I was going to get breakfast but I apparently forgot my wallet but I had some chips in my bag so I ate some of those. Oh, I also forgot to take my medication before leaving the house but I assume it will be all right. I’ve forgotten it before and survived. I got in a study room and I have it for two hours. Then I can pick up the grocery order I made and take it home. Maybe they will feel guilty enough to clean the kitchen before then. I doubt it. They will probably kind of clean it up but it won’t be as good as I left it yesterday. Like…counters won’t be wiped and the stuff on the floor will still be there and the trash cans will be full.

I’m tired of fighting all the time. I would like to not be the one responsible for everything. I suppose I’m not, but it really feels that way. I want to focus on my writing and be successful.

I lost some of my work and I have to write it again. That blows. But I guess that’s my goal for today.

It’s kind of nice here. Maybe I’ll come here more often.

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