Thirty days of gratitude 4

What food are you most grateful for?

I don’t know. I’m writing this after midnight (but it’s fall back tonight so that’s a bonus) and that’s a big surprise question. I suppose my favorite food is pizza but I’m not sure I’m the most grateful for it.

I guess I’m the most grateful for fruit. Can that count? I love that it is natural and it really seems like a gift from God, you know? Grain crops and vegetables are nice too but it seems like fruit is really something that you don’t always have to work hard for. Like the fruit trees we have here. Some have died over the years (I assume because we don’t know how to care for them) but they have given us fruit for a long time. We have peach trees, nectarines, and pears, and we had plums for a very long time. The apple tree isn’t doing much yet but hopefully it will in the future.

We also have the pecan tree, which I know isn’t a fruit, but I don’t care because it is the bomb too.

Growing up, we had apple trees, pear, plums, cherry, and peaches. And we had the mulberry trees that were there when we moved there and produced for so many years. Now we have a mulberry tree in front of a vacant house on the way to town and we eat those sometimes when it is in the season. I’ve picked wild blackberries and persimmons, and my next door neighbor had grape vines when I was a kid. We had one too but they were so sour! Probably they were good for jelly or wine or something.

Anyway, with the exception of ground fruit like strawberries, I just think it’s pretty awesome that if you plant and care for a tree just a little bit, it may be able to provide food for you and your family for years to come.

Which is funny that I wrote about that because strawberries really are my very favorite fruit and they don’t work that way. So I’m thankful for them too, anyway.

This was all over the place but I don’t think it matters.

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