So I downloaded an app last week, Habitica, and it’s going okay with keeping me more on track and organized. I’m not sure how well it will work long term, but for now, I’m doing okay.

I’ve gotten a lot more caught up on the things I need to do as children’s director at my church. I also have gotten the house a little cleaner and less cluttered. A lot to go on both things, but still. Also doing better with personal hygiene and maintenance, which is admittedly lacking. So for the past six days or so I’ve been flossing daily, remembering to take my medications, and getting more into my writing. I’ve done a creative thing each day and working on my manuscript each day (I did give myself weekends off for that, to avoid burnout). Writing on my lj or here counts as a creative thing, so woohoo.

Anyway, I got the mg manuscript completely plotted out, EXCEPT I don’t know what’s going to happen in one area and it’s annoying and blank. I mean, I know what the kids is going to accomplish but I can’t quite visualize how he’s going to get there. I did stream of consciousness writing about it, I did a walk and talk out loud in my driveway, and I’ve talked to the older three members of my family. Their suggestions were unsatisfying, unfortunately. I did finally think of something that is involved in it, and that’s exciting, but I still don’t have the details and I’d like to get those ironed out before I start. I think that might be what is stopping me from writing. Each of my works in progress have a blank spot and I’m not sure what to do with it, so I stop writing. I don’t know how I did this in the past. Maybe there weren’t any blank spots?

The only other big change is I’m not sleeping as well lately. It’s completely coinciding with this “being productive” thing so I obviously am okay with it but I wonder why. My brain wants to think about things again. And I don’t want to think about things. I want to go with the flow. But I also want to write. It’s a curious thing.

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