Happy, busy days

We had our awesome, amazing, SCBWI Oklahoma spring conference this weekend. I had an amazing time. Great speakers, fun with friends, and lots more made for an unforgettable time. I’m still daydreaming about all the many amazing moments throughout my day. I might do a recap, but I might not, since I know Valerie Lawson will do better than I could over at her blog.

Something really good did happen at the conference…like unbelievably good, and it’s done a lot for my overall mood and confidence, yay.

I also came back even more excited for my next novel. I haven’t quite gotten it condensed down to a quick pitch, but I have the title over on my Current Works page, so that means it’s gonna happen for realsies. I also made a new board on my Pinterest for it, so I can start collecting things that make me think of this manuscript and characters. This one might take a little more research than before, but I’m excited about it. I can say this – it’s about identical twins.

Also, my niece is coming this week to spend two months with us. She’s six! There’ll be FOUR kids hanging at my house needing schooling and to be fed and stuff. I’m still feeling good about it! This is going to be a pretty thrilling spring, I think.

So…yeah. Currently feeling cautiously optimistic, plus stoked about getting back to creating a new first draft.

Let’s do this.

6 thoughts on “Happy, busy days

  1. ha! always love the gifs. excited about your conference news. 🙂
    and no pressure or anything to get my conference recap actually finished…ack! so much for slacking off this weekend.

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